Wilder building

1435 De Bleury St. Montreal

Renovation and expension

The Wilder Building, built in 1918, was unused for more than a decade. In 2012, it underwent a variety of major interventions. In 2014 we were given the mandate to carry out the masonry work on the building and its new extensions.

The existing main façade on De Bleury St. was completely dismantled and reconstructed between the third and fifth levels of the building and was transformed from a load-bearing wall to a composite system with a rain-barrier type veneer. Structural lintels were added to support the brickwork of the upper floors (5 to 9). On the same façade, the stone parapet was taken apart and rebuilt with new custom-built anchors.

Brick cladding was installed on the north and south extensions. The southern section has brickwork placed vertically which creates a unique pattern.

  • Sealed existing openings
  • Repaired or reconstructed concrete supports at openings
  • Cleaned and repointed the main façade
  • Partially reconstructed the existing parapet with concrete blocks and new custom-made anchors
  • Installed ±24 in. helical anchors
  • Constructed interior concrete block partitions, approximately 16,500 sq. ft., in the basement, ground floor and stairways
  • Installed new brick cladding
  • Installed granite borders at building’s perimeter