5723 avenue du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2V 4G9

Restoration of exterior architecture

The work done on the exterior architecture of the Rialto Theatre–a listed heritage building–did not go unnoticed. Its main artificial stone-clad facade and its wood fenestration called for major restoration work. The stonework at the level of the parapet had to be disassembled and reassembled, while the rest of the facade was treated on the spot. The built-up roofing was replaced on this occasion. As for the windows, some of their frames were stripped, those whose wood was rotted were renovated and, once the waterproofing had been redone, the whole was painted in the original colors. The work was requested not to interrupt the use of the building.

  • Disassembly and reassembly of artificial stone sections
  • Restoration of the artificial stone and repointing
  • Repair of the roof and installation of copper flashing
  • Restoration of the plate-glass windows’ wood structure
  • Stripping and cleaning of the facade by micro-abrasion
  • Replacement of the marquee
  • Installation of an anti-pigeon system.