1 Notre-Dame St. E. Montreal

Masonry repairs

The site chosen for the new Montreal courthouse in 1961 gave rise to several versions of the project because of a variety of disputes. The building designed by the architectural firm David et Boulva was finally inaugurated in 1971.

The work consisted in replacing corroded anchors, insulation and waterproofing and in making corrections to the structural concrete. To carry this work out, the cladding, made of 700 lb. granite panels located as high as 275 ft. off the ground, were dismantled and re-installed.

Because the courthouse’s activities could not be halted, all noisy work was carried out in the evenings.

  • Repaired the concrete structure in our work zone
  • Dismantled the granite panels
  • Replaced the stainless steel anchors
  • Applied new waterproofing and insulation system
  • Installed new flashings
  • Reinstalled the cladding