1440 Drummond St. Montreal

Building envelop restoration

Mount Stephen Club was built in 1883 and is of great architectural and heritage value. The building’s structure was weakened by considerable settling of its foundation. Several parts of the masonry were damaged under the resulting compression. Close collaboration with the structural engineer was required to control any structural movement while the façade was being dismantled. The floors were shored up and put back in place using hydraulic jacks. At first the stone foundation was considered to be stable. As the work progressed, the professionals came to the conclusion that it would be preferable to dismantle and replace it with a concrete foundation and stone facing for the visible exterior.

  • Dismantled the stone facade
  • Demolished and reconstructed the foundation
  • Repointed the masonry
  • Supplied new stones
  • Repaired the stones
  • Rebuilt the stone facing
  • Took down, stored and reinstalled the wooden frames for the existing openings.