3610 University St., Montreal

Repair of exterior architecture

The building’s facades had a construction fault and were in an advanced state of deterioration considering their fairly recent date of erection. The repair of the building’s exterior architecture involved a complete revision of the waterproofing and insulation systems as well as the replacement of cladding components such as stone, the aluminum of the spandrel panels and the curtain wall’s covers.

In addition, rectifications such as the heightening of the upper level of foundations were done to take into account the topography and to ensure waterproofing.

A limited storage space for materials and the continued use of the building during the work called for very tight coordination.

  • Complete demolition of the building’s exterior
  • Replacement of waterproofing and insulation systems
  • Heightening of the upper level of existing foundations
  • Modification of the structural lintels of openings
  • Installation of a new St-Marc stone cladding
  • Installation of new aluminum cladding panels
  • Replacement of all caulkings.