4101, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal

Building envelop restoration

Built in 1991 by fifty craftsmen from China, the
Garden has 7 pavilions inspired by the architecture of the
Ming Dynasty. Our mandate was to restore these 7 built
components, including the preparation of the roof
structures for the installation of new terracotta tile roofs
by Chinese craftsmen.

We also participated in the restoration of a carved stone
ornament with gold inserts. A digital survey of the stone
ornament allowed the exact reproduction of several
components by the craftsmen. Finally, the outer walls
of the Garden were demolished and rebuilt.


The work had to be coordinated around annual events,
such as the Lantern Festival, and followed a tight schedule.

  • Waterproofing of foundations
  • Repointing of granite stone bases
  • Replacement of selected stones
  • Application of a waterproofing coating on stones
  • Replacement of clay elements with prefabricated
    concrete components
  • Restoration of existing woodwork
    (balustrade, railing, shelves, doors and windows)
  • Restoration of the entire carpentry
  • Demolition and reconstruction of roofs with a new
    waterproofing system
  • Installation of new lighting systems
  • Demolition and reproduction of outer walls with its
    uniquely shaped openings.


The Chinese Garden of the Botanical Garden
The Chinese Garden of the Botanical Garden