Gordon Brown Building

400 De Maisonneuve Boulevard W. Montreal

Repair of balconies

According to the plans of Greenspoon, Freedlander and Dunne architects, the Gordon Brown Building is a twelve-storey building which was constructed in 1957 for activities relating to the fur industry. In 2006, it was completely renovated and converted into office space, while maintaining commercial spaces on the ground floor.
The building owner and the architectural firm Beïque, Legault Thuot won Montreal’s Commercial Heritage Award for the quality of their modifications, in which the building’s industrial nature was preserved.

The work consisted in repairing the balconies on the top three floors. These balconies had deteriorated in various ways. Their depth was also substantially reduced. The guard rails, made out of glass panels in stainless steel frames, were replaced.

The work was carried out in a way which minimised disruption to the building’s activities

  • Repaired the concrete balconies
  • Waterproofed the balconies
  • Grout injections
  • Replaced the armatures
  • Installed new railings