888 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal

Renovation of the building’s exterior

The Dr. W.A. Molson House was built in 1906 as per the plans of Robert Findlay. The building formerly belonged to McGill University’s Space Institute. Its Greystone masonry had been heavily damaged over time by pollution and fluctuating temperatures. Our original mandate was to take down and replace the Greystone facade right after installing new anchors. While dismantling the Greystone, however, it became apparent that the inner brick wall had lost its structural integrity. The new scope of work had to integrate temporary shoring in order to support the roof while constructing a new concrete block wall.

  • Dismantled the entire façade
  • Replaced the inner brick wall with new concrete blocks
  • Applied spray foam insulation
  • Installed a masonry facade, involving the re-use of sound stones and sculptural reproductions
  • Installed new wooden frames for the windows
  • Laid new granite borders