1190 rue Guy, Montréal Québec

Restoration of the bell tower and chapel facades

The former Motherhouse of the Grey Nuns of Montreal is an imposing monastery ensemble that was built in several stages as of 1869. It has been a heritage site since 1976 and was designated in 2011 as a National Historic Site of Canada. At the centre of this complex is the Invention-de-la-Croix chapel, also a classified heritage site since 1974. The Motherhouse was acquired by Concordia University in 2007, which has since turned it into a residence for students. The chapel is now exclusively reserved for reading.


The restoration work entrusted to us concerns the four facades of the spire, its forecourt and its staircase as well as the transepts of the chapel. In order to stabilize the bell tower, a new steel structure was installed. The work had to be carried out partly in winter conditions and without disturbing the activities of the occupants.


  • Dismantling and replacement of specific stones which required carving
  • Grout injections
  • Repointing of the exterior stone façade of the tower and transepts as well as the internal stonework of the tower
  • Repair of stones via dutchman technique and restoration mortar
  • Cintec anchor installation
  • Installation of a reinforcing steel structure inside the tower
  • Restoration of the wooden openings, including the transepts’ rose windows and the doors of the main entrance
Concordia Grey Nuns Building
Concordia Grey Nuns Building
Concordia Soeur Grises
Concordia Soeurs Grises