1931 Sherbrooke Street W., Montreal

Repair of exterior architecture

The project consisted of restoring the facades and improving the energetic performance of this wing, which is part of the heritage site of the Domaine des Messieurs-de-Saint-Sulpice.

The operation involved the disassembly of the stone wall, the addition of an insulating material on the backing wall, the replacement of the fenestration and the reassembly of the stonework at 2 inches from its original place due to the new insulation. To maintain teaching activities during the work, temporary partition walls with openings ensuring natural light and ventilation were installed at 3 feet from the peripheral walls.

  • Production of a precise scheme of existing facades and numbering of stones
  • Disassembly of stonework
  • Construction of temporary walls
  • Addition of new structural lintels
  • Waterproofing and insulation of facades
  • Repair of stones damaged by weather and time
  • Re-assembly of stonework
  • Replacement of windows
  • Repair of interior finishes and wood work.