211 St-Sacrement, Montréal, Québec

Restoration of stonework

Of great historical and architectural interest, this building was constructed in 1866-67 according to the plans of architects George and John Browne for a group of important businessmen, the Merchants’ Exchange and Reading Room of Montreal, which participated in the setting up of the Montreal Stock Exchange. After having served various purposes, including a trading room for different stocks of merchandise, insurers’, merchants’ or brokers’ offices, it became the property of the newspaper Le Devoir, which held its activities there from 1972 to 1992. The building was finally recycled as residential condominiums in 1998-99.


One of the challenges of the project was to do the restoration work on the facades without disturbing the occupants.


This project was awarded the 2016 Heritage Award – Conservation Projects – Architecture by the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP). The recognition is given to promote excellence in heritage conservation and to highlight the expertise of heritage professionals.


  • Dismantling and reconstruction of stones
  • Repair of several large stones, including those with vermiculated surfaces, with dutchman repairs and restoration mortar
  • Consolidation of fissured stones with threaded rods or by injection
  • Consolidation of rear facade with Hélifix anchors and consolidation of foundations with a Cintec system
  • Repointing of decorative stones and internal-wall brick body of the main facade
  • Repointing of the rear brick facade
  • Installation of wooden panels under the bays of the ground floor
  • Restoration of wooden windows
  • Installation of new wooden doors and windows at the rear facade.


merchant exchange
merchant exchange