Saint-Laurent Boulevard and De La Gauchetière St. Montreal

Renovation work

The pagoda in Sun Yat Sen Square and the two arches over Saint-Laurent Boulevard located at the extremities of Chinatown were built in the early 2000s by Chinese artisans. During that time, the two existing entrance gates, which had been built in the 1980s, were being moved to De la Gauchetière St., and thereby marking the symbolic boundaries of the Chinatown district.

Many tiles had deteriorated and became at risk of falling and creating a public safety problem.

The work consisted in replacing all the enamelled terracotta tiles with new ones from China and in restoring the decorative woodwork and refinishes.

One of the peculiarities of the project was the installation of a new custom-made system for fastening the tiles in order to ensure better water drainage.

  • Removed the accumulation of bird droppings
  • Soaked all terracotta pieces in a silane sealer to improve their resistance to cycles of freezing and thawing
  • Installed mechanical anchors for the terracotta tiles
  • Installed tiles without mortar
  • Striped, restored and painted the woodwork
  • Installed a new anti-bird system
  • Applied an anti-graffiti coating on the exposed concrete