977 Sainte-Catherine St. W. Montreal

Restoration of the façade — phase 2

This former department store was built in two stages, the first being in1929 and the second in1953, for the Robert Simpson & Co. The building was then completely transformed in 1999. The scope of work consisted in restoring the façade on Sainte-Catherine and Metcalfe streets and to refurbish the main entrance to the Simons store which required structural reinforcement.

Our work was carried in a way to minimise inconveniences to the business, retail and entertainment activities taking place in the building. The high density of pedestrian traffic along this part of Sainte-Catherine St. required special water management.

  • Dismantled and reinstalled some sections of the masonry facade
  • Repaired the stones using shims or restoration mortar
  • Repointed the masonry
  • Replaced and supplied certain moulded or sculpted stones
  • Dismantled and reconstructed with concrete blocks certain sections of the back-wall
  • Installed a new sealant at the perimeter of openings