105, 119 and 129 Saint Jacques St., Montreal

Repair of terracotta facings

The three BMO buildings on Saint Jacques St. are recognized as part of the city’s architectural heritage. The aim of the project was to restore their façades. The most important challenge was to preserve as many elements as possible of the original stonework and to reproduce exactly the stone and terracotta components that were beyond repair, most of which had sculpted motifs.

  • Replacement of a stone string
  • Repair of structural lintels
  • Repair of the building’s waterproofing
  • Restoration of terracotta elements
  • Stone and terracotta sculpture
  • Restoration of windows
  • Restoration of metalwork
  • Repair of copper flashings
  • Consolidation with Cintec-type anchorages
  • Injection into cracked terracotta and stone
  • Non-abrasive cleaning work.
Banque BMO
Banque BMO