700 De la Gauchetière St. Montreal

Renovation of the curtain wall — phases 1 and 2

700 De la Gauchetière is a twenty-eight-storey building built 1983. Almost identical to its neighbour 600 De la Gauchetière, together they are called Complexe Maisonneuve. At the time, the buildings’ designer, the American architect Sylvia Gottwald-Thapar, created a “statement” with her two massive steel icebergs in the midst of a sea of sombre grey skyscrapers. Located in the heart of Montreal’s International District, the building is occupied by several major businesses. Our mandate was to restore the waterproofing of the original curtain wall and to replace some of the spandrel panels, which had become defective.

The work was carried out in a way which minimised disruption to the activities of the tower’s occupants throughout the duration of the project.

  • Renovated the metal pans of the spandrel panels
  • Improved the drainage of the metal pans
  • Installed new pressure plates and covers
  • Replaced some sealed units and waterproofing fittings.