630 Sherbrooke W., Montréal, Québec

Repair of facades

The 630 Sherbrooke office building, designed by the important Barott, Marshall & Merrett architectural firm and constructed in 1956-57 in the Art Deco style, was originally an eight-storey structure. A four-storey postmodern style addition was done in 1988. Inadequate construction details at the junction of the existing building and the addition led to several waterproofing problems over time.


Our mandate was, among other things, to correct these details and their impact on the stonework of the original section. For example, all the structural metal angles of the limestone, which essentially took the form of pilasters, had to be replaced. In addition, the sealant around the bays of the entire building and of the granite panels of the 1988 section was redone.


  • Dismantling and reconstruction of stones
  • Replacement of selected granite panels, 1988 section
  • Replacement of structural angles of stonework
  • New sealant around openings and granite panels
  • Inspection of decorative cast iron anchor-plates inserted between bays
  • Repair of stones via dutchman technique and restoration mortar
  • Repointing of limestone stonework.