600 Fullum St. Montreal

Restoration of exterior architecture

600 Fullum is a twelve-storey building occupied by various public agencies and administrative offices of the Quebec government, some of them being part of the Ministry of Public Security. Water infiltration imposed major work on the architectural exterior. After taking down the original facade and intermediate layers, the building was waterproofed and a new facade was built.
Throughout the duration of the project, work was carried out in a way which minimised disruption of activities for the building’s occupants.

  • Dismantled the original architectural exterior
  • Repaired exposed concrete surfaces
  • Installed a new insulation and waterproofing system
  • Installed new aluminum frame windows
  • Resurfaced interior architectural surfaces (ceilings, walls, floors)
  • Repaired rooftop parapet
  • Laid new anodised aluminum facing
  • Laid new stone veneer on the first level